Bottom FunnelFollows a pursuit to develop the best products for web and mobile.

Bottom funnel follows a pursuit to develop the best products for web and mobile. We have rich experience in creating apps, website and games. Our concept is to provide our customers a branded experience ensuring them a high quality product.This process is based on a thorough research of market needs, requirements and opportunities. After many brainstorming sessions, we came up with this funnel diagram.We believe that innovation is key to sustainable growth and we are committed to conducting ourselves in a transparent manner.

The Most Intelligently Integrated End-to-End Development Process

Our end-to-end development process follows a methodical design and construction process, from continuous integration to testing, to deployment. This is what separates us from your typical development pros who will piece together bits of software that do not fit together.We are a global agency, with a mission to create products that exceed your expectations by integrating our expertise in every step of development process.Tailored for the rapidly changing dynamics of emerging markets and new technologies, our services help you stay ahead of the competition. Our goal is to give our customers the best products at an affordable price.


Our Whole Development Process

We focus on the development of an appealing and functional websites, that allow your business or organization to reach its goals. We are a team of developers and designers, who design and develop websites in accordance with your needs. From start to finish, we work closely with you to determine what you want, build it, and make it work. We are committed to our customers and will strive to create high-quality software in the best interest of our clients.


As clients express an interest in doing business with us, our expert strategists begin the work process. Once everyone in the team has an agreement on an idea, all of us immerse ourselves in the project

  • First Contact
  • Conceptualizing the Idea
  • In-depth Research and Planning
  • Requirement & Estimation Approval
  • Internal analysis
  • Creating Wireframe / Prototype / Storyboards
  • Submit a resource plan
  • Select right development platform

After approval of the project, we advance to the pre-engineering process. This is where we address the root-level construction, comprehensive analysis, concept strategy, technical consultation


To us, design is much more than just the aesthetics. It's about the functionality. We want your users to have the best experience with your users to have the best experience with your digital business, so we focus on making user experience intriguing, addictive, intuitive and friendly.

  • Study Demographics and Use Cases
  • Use of latest, relevant UI design features
  • Emotional design with colors
  • UX Personalization
  • UX Metrics Evaluation
  • Release Plan
  • Coding with stipulated timeframe
  • Full stack backend development
  • Update routine status

Advanced project management tools like Jira, GitLab and Hubstaff form the essential part of our development process. Experienced and competent developers at Kontstant take the lead and pair the right technology for a perfect solution.


Now starts the real excitement, when you can see your website or app being brought to life! We put the whole developed plan into action by creating a beta version of your product.

  • Static and automated tests
  • Eliminate bugs
  • Real-time User testing
  • Gether feedback
  • Make final adjustment
  • Release to live environment
  • Ensure integrity
  • Post-deployment maintenance & support

Get ready to see your finished masterpiece! After all of the testing has been completed and after incremental quality assurance, our experts deploy the end product on respective app stores and web browsers, assuring the passing of the fickle approval process and the standards of the online stores.

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