Bottom Funnel Guarantees Adaptable Engagement Models to Meet Your Needs

By gathering real data and using real analysis to measure and enhance a company's current sales mix, identify profitable customer segments, and implement marketing efforts tailored specifically for them, The Bottom Funnel acts like an intelligent sales funnel with the power to adjust marketing initiatives actively in response to consumer preferences and needs by including all slow-moving clients within its circle of influence, providing greater understanding about consumer demands by including all slow-movers within it.

Bottom Funnel Engagement Models

At Bottom Funnel, we understand the varying needs and goals of each of our clients are unique; therefore, we offer flexible engagement models designed to suit their requirements and help them attain their business goals. Our engagement models were developed to assist businesses in landing leads and turning them into paying customers. We employ various strategies for engaging customers directly, such as custom content production, targeted marketing initiatives, and responsive support services. We recognize the ever-evolving needs of clients and are accommodating enough to be adaptable and adjust accordingly before delivery; this flexibility sets our engagement models apart from competitors.

Our business process model is truly unrivaled in every respect, from using advanced security technologies to protect your data and intellectual property to assigning dedicated resources per project, so you know your project will get all the focus it requires. Through lean operations and an established methodology, we are able to offer highly competitive prices while consistently producing top-quality results on both big and small projects.

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Some of the benefits of choosing our engagement models

  • Zero difficulties
  • Favorable quotes
  • Safe development environment
  • Never settle for less quality
  • In budget rates
  • Close-knit support
  • Privacy assured
  • Standardized approach

Choose from a variety of Models that suit your needs

Hire a Developer Model

We understand your concerns regarding having managerial control over the development process as an experienced provider of information technology solutions. We introduce to you our 'Hire a Developer' model, which lets you hire dedicated web designers, web developers, mobile app developers, and SEO specialists. Furthermore, this model offers three options based on your needs and requirements.




As the name itself suggests, we are offering our experts to hire as full-time developers. We provide you with specialists with a minimum of 80 hours per month for your project, spread out across 5 days per week.




This alternative is for those who want an expert for a particular task without having a commitment of full-time. It is important to be clear about your expectations for the part-time worker, including their hours of work, job duties, and compensation.




Possibly you have a single task out of your league and want an expert to do it. But don’t want to spend too much of your resources on hiring a full-time developer as an employee? No worries; we are available for your number of hours.

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Offer a choice of languages for app users, enhancing the app's accessibility and usability. (Broaden user base)


Get the Talent You Need, When You Need It

Bottom Funnel understands that businesses require skilled developers in order to thrive and offers various hiring options tailored specifically to the requirements of our clients. Whether they are full-time developers who can build new products for our clients, part-time developers who maintain existing websites, or hourly developers who assist in specific projects - we have your ideal match!

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Access to the Best

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At Bottom Funnel, we have an abundance of experienced developers for you to select from, so we are certain you will find someone suitable to meet your requirements. Each one is an expert in his or her respective field and has proven success within their career to give your business that extra edge!

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