Bottom Funnel Ensures Flexible Engagement Models to Cater to your Needs.

The Bottom Funnel is a process that helps small businesses increase their sales using flexible engagement models. Using real data, the Bottom Funnel can be used to analyze and optimize a business's current sales mix, identify profitable customer segments and create marketing campaigns that work for them. You can think about it as a sophisticated sales funnel with the ability to transform marketing efforts in order for them to become more active. This is because the bottom funnel also covers all the slow-moving customers and will allow you to gain a better understanding of what your customers want and need.

Bottom Funnel Engagement Models

The bottom funnel engagement model shows the most important metrics to measure and track for success on a project—engagement with your customer, by means of the bottom funnel.Bottom funnels are the best way to land your leads and most importantly, convert them into new customers. The art of engaging with customers at their core—both in their mind and in reality—is what makes you stand out from other companies. So if you have a bottom funnel, it’s time to start thinking about how to get visitors to keep coming back.

What makes our business process model unbeatbale is its flexibility. Clients' requirements constantly change (either by choice or chance), and we adjust to these changees anytime before delivery. Our engagement models are beneficial to clients because they propose competitive prices, dedicated resources, no hidden costs, and zero overheads. We want to work with you to the best of our abilities.

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Some of the benefits of choosing our engagement models

  • No complexities
  • Transparent quotes
  • Secured development
  • Secured development environment
  • No compromise with quality
  • Calculated costs and budgeted rates
  • Close-knit support
  • 100% Privacy maintain
  • Standardized approach

You are free to make a choice - choose from our range of Models that suits you best

Hire a Developer Model

As an experienced Information Technololgy solutions provider, we understand your concerns towards having a managerial control over the devellopmnet process. So, we present to you our 'Hire a Developer' Model that lets you hire dedicated web developers, web designers, mobile application developers and SEO experts. This model furtehr provides 3 option that highlight your needs and requirements.




As the name implies, in part-time hiring model, we provide you with an expert who will work for a minimum of 80 hours monthly towards your project, expoyed for 5 days/week.




One of the most popular options under our Hire a Developer model. Most clients perfer this option as it employs direct and clear communication with the person working on the project and to provide them full control over the development process. You can hire expertx in web development, web desinging, mobile app development and SEO throughout the duration of your project development




For small projects and to cater to small business needs, we have yet another model that works on an hourly basis. You can hire our expert based on the number of working hours. The hiring period is minimum 25 hours, which can be further extended to a decent number of hours as per development requirements and busniess process.

Fixed Price

This model is well suited to clients who have well-structured process to gather requirements, scope, deliverable and acceptance criteria for the project. As you provide to us a clear idea, requirements, scope along with the deliverable and acceptance, we execute the projects on a fixed-price and billing basis. During developement, we provide phase-wise delivery and keep up with the delivery schedules. Consider it as one of the most effective and convenient models to cut down on your costs and stay within budget.

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Fixed Price

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This is used when the resources and time can't be estimated upfront, at the start. For a project that has a constantly-evolving scop and perfect. It's a great agile model that's the best fit for iterative and incremental application development. We take your input and considerations at each stage keeping in mind that you require flexibility and continuous changes and advancements in the project. Adding to this, we follow a sorted project management process based on a daily/weekly reporting system, without any complexity. We charge the client based on the number of hours dedicated by each resource.

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