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  • Guaranteed 160 man-hours
  • Direct access to resources
  • Agile development process
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting
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IBM db2 is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform that has been designed to support many different types of application development needs. This system uses various languages, editors and libraries which can be used for web, mobile, desktop games and other projects too. The .NET framework has been developed based on certain guidelines to create applications ranging from small scale website creation all the way up to large enterprise level client programmes


Industry-leading performance

Engage in web page design and development that is dynamic, rich, responsive and offers multiple languages for your B2B and B2C website. .Net uses asynchronous programming to make sure your pages load quickly.

Advance protection

The .Net framework makes XML web application development easy and efficient by providing powerful tools for development, data binding, validation, routing, security, and more. it creates compatible, safe and robust applications.

Continuous availability

CMS web application development provides you with the latest and most robust technologies so that your applications run effectively and securely to manage the content in the most effective way.


E-commerce web application development using .NET can provide you with industry-standard solutions that will secure your online shopping and protect your data. It makes the application convenient and easy to use.

Multiple data types

By using .NET for shopping cart web application development, you will have a custom designed shopping cart that that is user-friendly and dynamic with wide range of features such as product management, currecy conversion, etc.

Automated administration

Microsoft SQL is a web-based database used to store and search for data from websites. It operates best with .NET sites and provides an interactive analysis of users' profiles that are updates at all.

IBM's DB2 has been around for many years and has matured into a robust relational database management system (RDBMS). DB2 has a significant market share with competitors such as Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL, but still has a strong market presence.

Powerfull SQL
Multiple platform support
IBM Support

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