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Backbone.js is a JavaScript rich-client web app framework based on the model-view-controller design paradigm, intended to connect to an API over a RESTful JSON interface. Backbone is known for being lightweight, as its only hard dependency is on one JavaScript library, Underscore.js, plus jQuery for use of the full library. It is designed for developing single-page web applications, and for keeping various parts of web applications synchronized.



The weight of any project is essential when you talk about downloading speed and responsive applications. Backbone.js size is nearly 7.6kb.

MV structure and abstract code

Abstract code plays a crucial role in programming. It also incorporates Object Oriented Programming language.

Lots of small libraries

Extensibility is the core idea of Backbone.js. It includes several libraries that could be used whenever required.

Event-driven communication

The jQuery declarations become complex and get distributed over the place, making the code difficult to clutter and read. Backbone.js solves this through event-driven communication.

API and documentation

It is easy to learn due to several reasons. It has tons of documentation and guides that could be browsed from the internet. It is tested and supported by several todo applications.

Conventions for coding style

Conventions are a great choice when you have to introduce a common coding style. The more the developer would stick to backbone conventions, the developers have to code less.

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Backbone.js is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries that rely on the MVP designer pattern. This is a lightweight library that provides models, routes and collections to configure her web application on the client side.

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