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MongoDB is a database that's used by developers worldwide. It's flexible, scalable and easy to use. With its drivers for programming languages, you can start building your app right away without spending time on installing the database. And with its support in agile methodologies like Agile SDLC, it's even more popular today than before!


Cloud based

With mongodb, you can store and query data quickly and with minimal hardware requirements. As a cloud database, it offers scalable storage and real-time updates. Plus, it's easy to install and maintain.

Flexible document schemas

Mongodb is a no-SQL database that stores JSON documents and supports document schemas. It's flexible document schemas make it easy to organize your data in whatever way makes sense for you.

Widely supported and code native access

mongodb is a widely-adopted and code-native access to MongoDB. With more than 20 years of experience under its belt, it's no wonder that mongodb is the choice of many enterprises looking for scalable and reliable database software.

Change-friendly design

E-commerce web application development using .NET can provide you with industry-standard solutions that will secure your online shopping and protect your data. It makes the application convenient and easy to use.

High performance

By using .NET for shopping cart web application development, you will have a custom designed shopping cart that that is user-friendly and dynamic with wide range of features such as product management, currency conversion, etc.

Powerful querying and analytics

Microsoft SQL is a web-based database used to store and search for data from websites. It operates best with .NET sites and provides an interactive analysis of users' profiles that are updates at all.

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MongoDB is a document-oriented database. Indexing makes documents easily accessible. Therefore, it provides a quick response to your queries. MongoDB is 100x faster than relational databases.

Document Oriented Storage
Rich queries

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