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  • Guaranteed 160 man-hours
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Codelgniter empowers programmers to build robust applications from scratch bypassing all the possible constraints that ultimately leads to functional and dynamic products. Feature-rich apps made in a hassle-free way require high understandability of the framework and expertise in making things work. Thankfully, we at Konstant possess both.


Framework with right footprint

CodeIgniter foundation offers many security-rich functions and a number of features that have diverse inbuilt functionalities for input and output filtering.

Simplified solutions

CodeIgniter PHP framework is made of a linear arrangement and has a freely usable folder set-up. This aids in streamlining the syntax of PHP while utilizing this framework.

no restrictions on coding

PHP CodeIgniter model view controller framework has a modest interface which makes it simple to learn and use.

Accepts Third-party Scripts

Developers are free to integrate scripts on their own or create a new library based on project's requirements.

MVC approach

Developers can relish the systematic approach to website development via MVC (Model, View, Controller).


It comes with a comprehensive documentation that allows PHP developers to get started on the fly.

Why Bottom Funnel For CodeIgniter

  • We use an agile approach.
  • Provides integrity and transparency.
  • Commitments with NDA agreements.
  • Flexible engagement models.
  • Experienced and talented team of developers.
  • Offers variety of exclusive codeigniter solutions.

Codelgniter empowers programmers to build robust applications from scratch, bypassing all kinds of limitations and ultimately yielding functional and dynamic products. Easy-to-build, feature-rich apps require advanced understanding and expertise in frameworks to function.

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