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Bottom Funnel is one such machine learning system that uses artificial intelligence to make predictions for the future based on historical data. By assessing user preferences and analyzing their online behavior, the company builds a model that predicts the next action users are likely to take after visiting their website.

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Maintaining a high level of user engagement keeps your business relevant. Our technology and design thinking advancements help make this happen.

Natural Language Processing

Frustrated with websites that just don't understand you and your business? Meet Bottom Funnel - a leading provider of all-in-one semantic solutions for web apps and social platforms. We aim to deliver advanced solutions that derive semantic information from human language and speech on the web.

Data Management

Robotic Process Automation

We are experts in machine learning and programming, and we understand the complexities involved in creating a bot that can be effective at tasks like driving sales or customer service. Not only that, our team is also capable of understanding your business needs and offering strategic solutions based on them.

Data Management

Data Mining

Bottom Funnel is the answer to all your data analysis questions. We use statistical and mathematical techniques to develop algorithms for analyzing a variety of row data sources and helping in discovering meaningful corrections and patterns. In addition, we help you in making diversions related to your business.

Data Management

Enterprise Security

We utilize the power of machine learning to analyze the huge volume of data for spotting signs and vulnerabilities of an enterprise security breach. Our advanced algorithms allow us to spot patterns and anomalies in your organization's infrastructure that will help you assess potential vulnerabilities.

Data Management

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Machine Learning Services

All the things we love about AI, in one machine that's smart enough to do our homework for us. Bottom Funnel is an AI system designed to help you tackle your toughest assignments with ease. By analyzing your writing style and learning from your past work, it'll be able to provide you with accurate feedback on every essay you upload. Not only that, but it'll also learn from the way you approach a new topic over time, so it'll be able to provide even more helpful insights in the future. AI is changing everything we know about teaching and learning, and Bottom Funnel is leading the way by making sure we have access to this incredible technology everywhere school is taking place!

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IT Security

Bottom Funnel is proud to partner with top global brands to provide them with state-of-the-art security solutions that are sure to protect your data from any threat. We offer comprehensive solutions for enterprises, government agencies, schools, hospitals, and more.


Logistic regression is not just an advanced method to guess what's in store when you use a credit card online or download new apps on your smartphone; it can also help you calculate the probability of whether someone will be absent for work or attend a meeting on time.


Machine learning algorithm that becomes intelligent on its own? The answer to this question lies in the name of Bottom Funnel. This software application was created with the sole objective of simplifying your workflow and making things easier for you.


Bottom Funnel utilizes the latest techniques in machine learning to deliver accurate and actionable insights for your business. It is a powerful way to transform raw data into actionable intelligence that can be used to drive growth, predict customer behavior.


Bottom Funnel is an e-commerce machine learning company that was formed to apply artificial intelligence to improve a company's product recommendation and sales funnel. Machine learning is the creation and refinement of applications and algorithms by AI.


Bottom Funnel is a healthcare company that uses machine learning for a number of applications, including medical imaging and healthcare robots. Their application uses pattern recognition to find patterns in medical, which allows doctors to identify abnormalities.

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