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There are multiple reasons why Symfony is the go-to choice for developers. Whether you're looking to build a simple solution or an enterprise-grade application, its powerful features will help you achieve your goals. In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to the basics of Symfony and give you an overview of its key features. By the end of it, you'll feel confident enough to move on to more advanced topics!


Stable and Sustainable

With Symfony being one of the few commercially supported frameworks, you can rest assured that your company's product is backed by an experienced team. SensioLabs has been following Symfony development since its inception and offers up to 3-year support for all major versions. They also provide lifetime support for security-related issues, so you can be sure that your project will be secure from the start.

Refined MVC Architecture

The Symfony framework is the perfect solution for you - it has all the features and tools you need to develop a professional-grade website. With MVC architecture in place, your project will have an organized structure and be easy to work on. And because Symfony is built on top of Laravel, you also get access to all of Laravel's powerful tools and libraries.


The world is going digital as we speak and Symfony has gone a great way in making coding easier for every developer. The framework ensures that your application is structured well, thus enabling you to focus on the real business logic. With its clean architecture, it also helps you write sustainable code that is easy to manage.


Symfony framework packs in an array of exclusive custom features to offer businesses and developers a more effective way to build their online presence. With it, they can enhance their site's usability and make it easier for users to navigate around it.

Excellent support

Using Symfony as the core of its web development, the Symfony framework makes sure that your project follows a systematic approach. This means that you will have a clear idea about how everything is connected and where each part fits into the overall picture!

Large community

Symfony is one of the most talked-about frameworks today. It has thousands of contributors, a passionate group of over 600,000 developers from more than 120 countries, and its official website declares that 3000+ people contributed to Symfony's success.

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Symfony is often seen as simplifying the developer's job because it doesn't require heavy code to build a web application. Moreover, it enables faster, more stable and flexible development.

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