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  • Ignite Your Customer's journey to delight

    Help customers reach goals faster, prevent churn, and strengthen your value.

    Ignite Your Customer's journey to delight


    Take a data-driven approach to proactively help customers achieve their goals, faster.

    You can't improve what you don't measure. Bottom Funnel Customer Success provides full visibility into customer health metrics with proactive workflow for onboardings,renewals, and beyonnd. Alert customer support teams before it's too late and protect your bittom line.

    increase up-sells and expansions

    Automatically alert your team to opportunities and convert more trials,upsells,and cross-sells.

    increase up-sells and expansions

    Use data to intervene and engage with the right customers at the right time to achieve business outcomes for your customer and your team.

    Reduce churn and improve renewal rates

    Understand why customers churn with early warnings and manage renewals successfully all in real time.

    Proactively manage ‘At Risk’ customers

    Quickly see customer health with powerful alert rules that automatically identify which accounts require attention. When did your customer last log on? How active is each user? Any open tickets? Are they behind on a payment? Instantly discover where your customers require attention.

    Support at-risk accounts before they churn and always be prepared with everything you need to know about your customer’s health.

    Transform firefighting into delight

    Underlying customer issues can fester for weeks, which is often too late. Reorient teams as time-killer firefighters to champions of customer delight with more alerts, workflows, and knowledge.

    Move from reactive support to anticipating customer needs by capturing massive amounts of account data without compromising performance.

    Effortlesly grow customer value

    Easily manage key milestones in the customer lifecycle that impact your bottom line, such as churn, renewal, and expansion trends. Quickly understand the effectiveness of customer support programs in order to grow account usage and revenue.

    Automate recurring account processes like onboarding, check-ins, and business reviews that prioritize and grow customer value.

    Help leaders discover actionable customer trends

    Arm customer support leaders with key account trends that are critical to business performance such as product adoption, support effectiveness, and financial health.

    Quickly understand where customers stand in meeting their goals and optimize support coverage in order to deliver customer delight!

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    Leslie al

    CEO, Next Holidays

    It was an great expreience with bottom funnel team. they have complete our D2C travel brand name called Next Holidays We glad that we connect to the bottom funnel technical team. It was an insane experience with the team.

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