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Your business is growing, and so is its data. The only problem? There's no end to the amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed, but with big data as a service from Bottom Funnel, you can process and analyze large-scale data in a simple manner.

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Maintaining a high level of user engagement keeps your business relevant. Our technology and design thinking advancements help make this happen.

Data Management

Bottom funnel is an ultimate partner to handle that data massive. We are experts in creating, managing, and migrating petabyte-scale data lakes and warehouses using the latest advances in technology. Businesses can therefore get optimized storage costs, maintainability, and retrieval. Moreover, our Engineers have hands-on experience in creating large scale distributed systems with efficient storage and retrieval mechanisms.

Data Management

DataOps in Big Data Services

Big data is an absolute boon for organizations looking to gain ground on the competition. Data analytics and Big Data has become a critical component in how companies make decisions, providing insights that other can't. But as the popularity of this technology continues to grow, it's essential we bring in automation and agile development methodologies to help us optimize our data lifecycle and break down silos across various units within the company.

Data Management

BI & Analytics for Robust Analytics Solutions

Bottom Funnel's Business Intelligence & Analytics practice is helping stakeholders to derive insights from data. Our Big Data teams help build customized dashboards, set up enterprise search, and engineer real-time visualization of data streams. We leverage popular BI tools and build custom platforms using open source technologies to maximize customization and reduce licensing costs.

Data Management

Data Science

Bottom Funnel is a top data science firm that has the expertise, skills, and resources to help you get results quickly. We combine cutting-edge analytics with creative design thinking to create intelligent solutions that achieve your goals. So whether you're looking for insights on customer behavior or want to build a predictive model, we have the skill set you need.

Data Management

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Handling and Compilation of Big Data

Our cloud-based services enable organizations to quickly deploy and scale frameworks for managing, processing, analyzing and visualizing big data. With our scalable platform, organizations can also implement advanced analytical techniques that harness the power of big data. A quick glance at Bottom Funnel's website reveals why we're one of the most preferred providers in this space: we offer an extensive range of services to meet all your big data needs - from customer relationship management (CRM) tools through social media analytics, marketing automation, web analytics and more - everything you need to make sense of your growing digital footprint. Plus, our friendly team is happy to help answer any questions you might have about how our products work or what they can do for you. So give us a call and let's get started!

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Advanced Analytics & Insights

Our team has helped companies across a wide spectrum of industries to understand their data in new ways, helping them to make informed decisions that improve their business processes.

Strategy Consulting

Bottom Funnel provides consulting services for Big Data analytics and technology selection. We understand the importance of data and its role in enabling a successful business.

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Development, Support & maintenance

Bottom Funnel is the global leader in managing the life cycle of Big Data implementation. We have experts who have created solutions and frameworks that address all the key functional components of Big Data.

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